Jewelry Design

When I first starting making these pieces, they started off as bracelets. However, there were plenty of times when I didn’t want to wear a bracelet (they do get in the way when using a laptop, which I do frequently), but I wanted to wear something that channeled a particular energy. I started making separate pieces for each purpose, but quickly realized that with just a bit of modification, I could wear the same set of stones either on my wrist or around my neck. A new jewelry design concept was born!

claspThe magnetic clasps I chose for this purpose are Neodymium rare earth magnets (N40), which means they are very strong. I tested my necklaces extensively before offering them for sale—though it has been a while since I’ve had very small children, so it is entirely possible that a baby could in fact pull the necklace off your neck! The good news is that since the beads are linked rather than strung, it won’t break, and it’s very easy to put back on.

Although the clasps are encased in metal housing, I feel I should at least caution those with pacemakers to talk with their doctor before using. This jewelry is not recommended for children.